About Us

State Drives is a major supplier of global networking hardware. Our company specializes in finding solutions for networking problems and has many years of experience in this sector. We offer hardware solutions for worldwide networks, including routers, switches, servers, and storage devices. We provide full integration and network management, including network surveillance for video conferences, IP phones, wireless Access Points, Controllers, Modules, Adapters, and more.

Moreover, we stock all the necessary connectors, memory, flash, EHWIC, HWIC, and VWIC cards to support any network configuration. State Drives provides a user-friendly website where shoppers may access product categories. Our website’s interface will walk users through the process by suggesting best sellers and high-quality items connected to their network solution.

As we’ve grown our company internationally, we must give our clients dependable service, round-the-clock customer and technical assistance, and a safe payment encryption system. We provide prompt and effective service that meets the needs of our clients. Large corporations and international businesses can now use our integrated services for innovative IT solutions. Your company will grow more quickly and flawlessly as a result.

To aid our customers in expanding their businesses, we provide strategies that outline improving their networks’ performance, security, and availability. Implementing successful network solutions is made easy and quick with our thorough manual. It doesn’t end here. Once again, for the convenience of our clients, we comply fully with our return policies for products covered by a 100% warranty.